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A Full Service Security Company.

Regulating security and safety systems is more important than ever. With this in mind Crimewatch can help you to:

>   Save time by merging all systems to one interface.

>   Reduce costs by managing multiple security services.

>   Maximise site supervision with the latest technology.

We acheive this with complimentary services in 4 key areas.

✓ System Design✓ Burglar Alarms✓ Emergency Access✓ Qualified Onsite Guards
✓ Supply & Install✓ Fire Alarms✓ Property Inspections✓ Temporary Guarding
✓ CCTV Monitoring
✓ Commercial Alarms✓ Fast Response Times
✓ Identify & Protect targets
✓ Equipment Maintenance
✓ Alarm System Design
✓ Empty Premises Inspections
✓ Provide Physical Deterrent
✓ System Upgrades
✓ Supply & Installation✓ Avoid Lock Outs
✓ Instant Response to Alerts

A few of the key benefits of working with Crimewatch Safeguard include:

By integrating multiple electronic security systems, Crimewatch Security Systems can create a comprehensive solution
covering design, installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

Crimewatch’s expertise in design, installation, upgrading and maintenance of CCTV systems, plus excellent technical support ensures nothing is left to chance.

Our detailed knowledge of today’s sophisticated technology allows us to develop individually tailored systems, no matter how unique the requirements.

Protecting Businesses and Property since 1982

Monitoring property and premises nowadays is a must. Our track record covers every business environment – retail premises, hotels, filling stations, distribution centres and all types of commercial property. For more on the type of industries we have experience working with, see our sectors page.


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